Upay - expanding the horizons in the Armenian fintech industry.

Upay - expanding the horizons in the Armenian fintech industry.

It is of utmost importance to catch up with consumer's constantly changing consumption habits, buying behavior, and greater mobility in the hyper-competitive world. Among many promising yet uncertain payment solutions Upay stands for certainty, safety, and innovation.

Upay CJSC is a payment and settlement organization operating in the RA, founded by Ucom CJSC in 2018 and received a license from the Board of the CBA to make money transfers of payment and settlement organization. 

Upay provides a single place for customers to manage their financial lives securely. 

In addition to a mobile wallet that enables making payments whenever and wherever convenient, the company has more than 40 branches serving as boutique payment kiosks. The available list of payments includes utility, TV, Internet, phone, banking, etc. (Learn more on upay.am)

The recent rebranding of Upay led to the reinvention of a sophisticated series of advancements. The business and product development is currently operating at its fullest potential to integrate the most reliable partners to enhance user experience and make transfers and payments more efficient. The rebranded Upay shifted to a more consumer-oriented, user-friendly and secure version. 

Upay's nature is sustainable. Carefully considering its mission in global presence, Upay made environmental sustainability its key strategy to rely on. This strategy provides a framework for future project planning and resource allocation to improve business structure. 

Adopting values such as completeness, speed, availability, trust and framing its operation around sustainability, the company strives to expand its culture not only among employees but also customers. 

The Fintech industry is one of the most quickly evolving ones. Thus, it is remarkable to mention that Upay develops in parallel the industry it operates in. The company strives for a higher level of appreciation of leisure time for users and is quite the right fit for nowadays life rhythm. 

Thus, Upay unlocks its potential on the path of becoming the most prominent market player in the Armenian fintech industry. Its purpose is to expand horizons not only in the industry but also in an environment built on sustainability.

Updated 21.06.2024 12:20